Britta Augdahl

Britta loves to spend time outside - running, hiking, hammocking and Nordic skiing are some of her favorite things to do. She loves having the hum of jazz or folk/indie music in the background of her day-to-day activities, and enjoys reading, and playing the piano and guitar when she has time. Britta is a huge dog enthusiast and has a budding obsession with plants and gardening. She also loves to explore thrift stores and coffee shops in her free time. 

When she was 10 years old, her family moved to Gvarv, a small town in Telemark, Norway. Here, she was given the opportunity to fully immerse herself in the Norwegian language and culture for 4 years during middle school. This incredible experience was a catalyst for Britta’s love of the Norwegian language and culture, fostering deep connections with her Norwegian roots. Oslo holds a particularly special place in her heart - atop the Kolsås mountaintop is where she and her husband got engaged! They hope to spend lots of time together in Norway together in the future.

Britta attended St. Olaf College where she also majored in Norwegian and continued to strengthen her language skills and cultural understanding. She spent a summer studying in Oslo at the International Summer School and later completed an internship in Oslo at the Karibu Foundation. She has also spent a few summers up at Skogfjorden through CLV as both a camper, counselor and credit teacher. She received her masters in theology with a focus in justice and reconciliation from Luther Seminary, and currently works as a Spiritual Care Provider in pediatric mental health care.

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