Christine is trained as a cultural anthropologist which officially allows her to be curious about everything! She likes studying and living with creatures, human and otherwise. Christine loves to sing, swim and be out in natural settings. She also loves to read; novels, ethnographies, science, poetry. She is close to her two daughters and their husbands and loves being a mormor

Christine is of Norwegian ancestry and has lived and studied in Norway. When she returned from Norway, Christine taught Norwegian while receiving a Master's Degree in Scandinavian Language and Literature from the University of Minnesota. 

Christine has taught Norwegian to learners of all age levels--including barnehage to adults. She has taught for 20 years at the Concordia Language Villages - Adult Norwegian Programs in the Fall and Spring. As a teacher, Christine does not teach only language, but also includes a good deal of cultural content and encouragement to explore all things Norwegian and Norwegian-American.


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