NLCP Board of Directors

The NLCP Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss  finances, class enrollment, types of classes offered, student satisfaction and other aspects of running an adult language learning program. We often have extra meetings to prepare the current class schedule, as well as taking turns attending registration at the beginning of each term to help students register for classes. We are always looking at ways to improve our program while still remaining financially viable. We are willing to try out a new class or program if we feel it will enhance our students' language learning and/or enrich their Norwegian cultural experience.

The NLCP Board of Directors is made up of the following members (from left to right in photo): Jason Loewen (Treasurer), Jorunn Henrikssen, Jeannette Henrikssen, Jennifer Thue (Chair), Kristin Sundt (Mindekirken Pastor), Cindy Hatlevik, Kari Torkelsen, and Krista Schweppe (Program Administrator).