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Language Classes

Vil du laere norsk? We offer a range of Norwegian classes for beginner students all the way to advanced. The core text used at our beginning and intermediate levels is Sett i gang 1 and 2 by Nancy Aarsvold and Kari Lie, which is used at the college level in the United States. 

Language & Literature Classes

Vil du laere norsk? We offer a range of Norwegian classes for beginner students all the way to advanced. Our more advanced classes read literature written by authors such as Astrid Lindberg, Erlend Loe, Per Petterson, Vidar Sundstølnd more. Sign up for a Norwegian literature class today!

Cultural Classes & Events

We offer various cultural classes from time to time, including folkedans, baking, history, etc. We aim for them to be enrichment classes for those looking to expand their knowledge of traditional and contemporary Norwegian culture.

Kvinnekor is a choir designed to draw together women who share an interest in Norway and music. 

History of Norway Seminars provide you with opportunities to build and extend your knowledge of Norwegian history.

Conversation Classes

Vil du laere norsk? We offer a range of Norwegian classes for beginner students all the way to advanced. Intermediate Conversational Norwegian helps learners build confidence by engaging them to use the Norwegian they already know. Sign up for a Norwegian language conversation class today!

All Classes & Events

Mindekirken’s Norwegian Language and Culture Program (MNCLP) is a community which provides learners of many ages with opportunities to build and extend their linguistic and cultural knowledge of norsk and Norge through language, literature, and conversation classes, as well as a variety of other cultural classes and events. Browse through this overview of all of our language and cultural classes and events or search by category for the class that best meets your needs and interests.

Books for Sale

During the Coronavirus and the governor's stay-at-home order the NLCP will be offering a shortened eight-week session of online learning, as well as the ability to order books online since Amazon is having delays in their shipping schedules for non-essential items. PLEASE NOTE: The book order will look like an "event," but rest assured it is a book order and the book will be shipped to you ASAP. Taxes and shipping fees are included in the price.


Upcoming Events

Travel Seminar: Traveling in Scandinavia ONLINE
Wed-Aug-18-2021 6:30 pm

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